Winning better public pensions so more Canadians can make ends meet in retirement.

For Canada’s unions, it’s a labour of love.

A historic moment

After decades of advocating for stronger public pensions, Canada’s unions are celebrating this summer’s commitment by the federal and provincial governments to the first expansion of Canada Pension Plan retirement benefits in fifty years.

Why has winning a better CPP been a priority for us when most of our members have pension plans at work? Because 11 million Canadian workers don’t. And saving for retirement is tough these days, especially for younger workers in an economy where good secure jobs are hard to come by.

Why we are celebrating a better CPP

  • Today, fewer than 40 percent of Canadian workers have access to a pension plan at work. In the private sector, that number drops to less than 25 percent, and for workers under 29, to just 13 percent.
  • Even workers with a workplace pension plan or alternate savings are vulnerable to financial insecurity in retirement. Fewer employers are offering workplace pensions and more workplace pensions are seeing reduced benefits.
  • The CPP follows workers from job to job, keeps up with the cost of living, and pays out benefits for life, regardless of how the stock market performs.

A better CPP means a better future

We campaigned for a better CPP because we wanted to win a better future, especially for the next generation. We know that pensions are crucially important, not just to the well-being of workers and their families, but to the economic health and vitality of our cities and communities.

There’s still much more to do. Canadian unions believe we all have a responsibility to work to end seniors’ poverty. So far, to address the rising rate of seniors’ poverty today, we campaigned for and won increases to the Guaranteed Income Supplement. We also campaigned to ensure the eligibility rate for Old Age Security and GIS stayed at 65.

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